Vive - stand alone headset


Vive - stand alone headset

Hi all,

got an upcoming trip with a 6hr flight


Its generally problematic to play on my laptop (plane has power and wifi) due to space limitations.

I have used my Pixel + Daydream for a nice in flight experience watching movies but i want to upgrade for this trip

what i would like to do is get a vive, hook it up without any sensors and use it more as a monitor attatched to my face than full VR (will use full hardware when i get to other side)

my question is, is it possible to use the headset with something like Trinius without any sensors i.e. just the headset???


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I'm afraid not, at least not out of the box with standard software. You'd need a laptop regardless of course, but without the base stations (Though I guess you could set them up on your tray or something if you had the room and the power for them.) it just isn't going to work because there's no tracking at all. It's possible to do it with a single base station on channel A, but it probably won't work very well.


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Re: Vive - stand alone headset

Ok thanks for the response. I was hoping to run the headset without tracking on a nonVr game but it sounds like at least one base station would be required for the headset to activate. I think I will still pull the trigger on the purchase just stow the system overhead. Thanks!!!!