Problem with GPU/only 1 HDMI


Problem with GPU/only 1 HDMI

I have a Z170 MOBO, which is normally compatible with Win10 and above. I like my Win 7 Ultimate, so I did the hotfix. Installed a XFX RX480 GDDR5 GPU, i7-6700k, 500 GB Evo, 2x8GB DDR4 RAM. My one and only problem.. My GPU has only ONE HDMI! I have to use it for Windows! There are four Display Ports.. should I get a “mini dvi to hdmi converter” using the vive box, or get a “dvi to hdmi converter” and use it for my monitor & simply plug the Vive into my GPU?? Very frustrating as I cannot use it until this is fixed.
Ryan Bare

Re: Problem with GPU/only 1 HDMI

The cheapest option would be to get a mini display port cable to full size.  On the Vive Link Box there is HDMI and mini DP, then you can plug it straight into your PC.  A cable can be bought from Amazon for a few £€$


What about your monitor does that support DP, then you could just get a DP cable and use that on your monitor and then use HDMI on the vive.

Vive Staff

Re: Problem with GPU/only 1 HDMI




If possible, try to use DisplayPort for the monitor. If you can't, get an adapter and your problem will be solved.


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