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Hardware Setup

I am about to take the plunge for a VIVE. Want to use it with a roto vr chair. Since I will be seated playing games do I need to use both cameras/sensors for the room setup?


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2 Things:

1 - You will always need both "lighthouses" or "base stations" as they call them.

2 - I had a nightmare of a time trying to install on Win7. Win10 was a breeze. In between, I dunno.


Re: Hardware Setup

Hi @don,


Yes, you'll need the base stations / lighthouses, regardless of whether you're sitting or standing. The nice thing is, you have the option to then use VR either sitting or standing. To switch between either, you run 'room scale setup' via SteamVR again, and choose your configuration.


Let us know if you have any other issues.

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