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Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help


Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help

Good morrow!


I'm not a huge fan of writing on Forums, but the last time I contacted HTC for help was so outstanding that I thought I'd share the love.


I've read a lot of negative things about HTC, not going to mention any, but I'm sure you all can imagine. However, I'm here to let you know that HTC is extremely good with customer service.


Between being contacted almost immediately and excellent people skillz, the gentleman I chatted with knew the ins and outs of all the problems I was having and was able to help me out to fix my problem within a couple of minutes. So, to keep things simple for those of you are are new to the Vive (like myself), give them a shout. They know how to solve any problem and are happy to do it.


All in all, keep your chin up and don't be shy to ask HTC for help with setting things up.


Thanks again, HTC  Smiley Very Happy




Re: Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help

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Thank you very much on behalf of everyone at HTC/Vive/Viveport, @Rheyland!


Couldn't agree more, too - on the 'don't be shy to ask for help' point. We're here to do just that and will always try our very best to resolve things. Smiley Happy

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Re: Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help



I'll second what Rockjaw said. You can always tag me in a post or reach out to me in a PM or one of the other employees here and we'll do our best to help you.

Definitely don't be shy, we're nice, I promise!
-John C

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Re: Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help

What I do love about these forums, is that how active the devs/mods/admins etc are. Many times you can ask a question and in a few hours you get a response. Sure they may not have an immediate answer but I've only been here a month or two but straight away noticed the staff interaction which has to be applauded.
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Re: Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help

Hi, so I need help.

I am looking to use the pins on the Vive Tracker to take a signal input from a device (digital input).

How do I start to solve this problem of not knowing what I am doing, and it's some what confidential.

I have a project already created and its works just fine. It alternative ways to work.
1. Vive controller is used only for tracking. And all functions come from signal inputs device into the application from USB.
2. Vive controller is used for tracking and input function for testing buttons/ grips of the controller is used. (This is just when testing without signal input device.

What I would like to happen is option 1. But replace the Vive controller with my Vive Tracker and then have the signal input device to be used directly into the Vive Tracker and data signal sent that way. Becoming a thether free system..

I would be keen on some advice and talk over Skype/slack/google hangout with anyone willing to give me some time.

Also happy to demo the application.

Many Thanks
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Re: Don't Be Shy to Ask for Help

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That sounds pretty cool! Have you signed up as a developer? We have a dev forum on here where folks like you are working on their games and other VR tools and using new stuff like the Tracker in exciting and cool ways. Maybe they could be of some help?

Additionally, if you haven't already read this, definitely take a look:

Thank you!

-John C

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