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Calibrate controllers for physical limitations


Calibrate controllers for physical limitations


Is there a way to calibrate controllers for people with physical limitations?

i.e. if I'm doing half of arm movement (from bottom to middle), can it be a full mouvement in VR world (from bottom to top)?

Is it driver based? In game setup?

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Re: Calibrate controllers for physical limitations

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Hi @Vi1977, developers can approach this in two ways; both at a driver and a software level.


In terms of software, there is very little native support for accessibility features at this time. I suspect this will change as other IO methods such as eye tracking and VR/AR itself becomes more common.


At the driver level there are a handful of projects that attempt to modify SteamVR at the driver level. The public project that's furthest along to my knowledge is WalkInVR. This may fit some of your needs and the developer may be able to help you customize it. Some games also allow for the use of gamepads instead of the Vive wands which may be useful. There likely exists more customizable toolkits within the research community but I'm not aware of anything more specific at this time. 

- David R

Technical Specialist; San Francisco, CA


Re: Calibrate controllers for physical limitations

Great answer thanks.