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Hello, I would be willing to buy htc live at your site but first I would have a question to make sure that it works on my pc: I own an msi gt83vr 6rf titan sli is compatible with your viewer? Thank you for your attention and I await your news.

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Re: msigt83,

Yes, this laptop would be pretty fantastic for VR. Many of our field kits at Vive use similar MSI's, albeit typically just the ones with 1060's or 1070's so this one is even better. Out of experience with these MSI's, it's worth pointing out that these have one HDMI port and one mini ciniport so it's helpful to buy a male minidisplayport -> female HDMI or by connecting the linkbox via the displayport cable so you have options to easily connect to an external projector/tv. 


edit: Forgot about the SLI part. The Vive and SteamVR can use SLI but in many cases the software that you're running may not support it. A developer must optimize their software for SLI for it to really benefit. It's a case by case type of thing. The same is true for 2D games as well; most aren't actually optimized. 

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