foveated rendering | Eye tracking modul | aGlass

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foveated rendering | Eye tracking modul | aGlass

Hi Guys,


as most guys noticed foveated rendering is on the way

-to improve the image quality| 4k is then easy possible

-boost the performance | double the fps

-nice new features like eye blinking or games you can bring your eyes into the game


im looking for it and excited too. When we can expect the Release of the Modul to the end customers?


best regards



Vive Staff

Re: foveated rendering | Eye tracking modul | aGlass



I don't think anyone has that information right now, but am I correct in thinking you are talking about aGlass's eye tracking lenses? If you want to keep up on their work, you should visit their official website. I believe they have already started offering the developer kits as well, so that's exciting! 

Here is the website:


-John C

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