When is HTC vive going to be available for Mac.

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When is HTC vive going to be available for Mac.

I read that Mac OS Sierra is going to support HTC Vive but there is no specific date yet. When is it going to be supported for mac?

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Re: When is HTC vive going to be available for Mac.


     Valve is managing the rollout of SteamVR to Mac. As far as I'm aware, Mac support has been available in beta form since early June and works on installs running macOS 10.11.6 or higher that have a GPU capable of supporting Metal/Metal 2. As far as I can tell, this is still in beta mode but is something that is still being actually developed. It isn't something that is currently working on Nvidia cards due to lack of drivers for high sierra. 

     It's extreemly early days; this video will give you a bit more of an indepth idea of what the current support status is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=211&v=Ni86xFzEIwQ 

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Re: When is HTC vive going to be available for Mac.

So recent macs, 2017 iMac are powerful enough to run VR, and Steam VR runs on the latest Mac OS - Sierra.

For other macs & laptops, with GPU that is not powerful enough, they have thunderbolt support, so that an eGPU (external GPU) can be connected. Thunderbolt connection is 40gb /s bandwith, so fast enough that the latest GPU can be fitted and used with an enclosure. There are several vendors supplying enclosures running at 300 watts for lower end cards to 500 watts power for the latest high performance GPU. I believe that AMD gtx560 is minimum spec, and generally AMD drivers are more compatible.

So the problem now is VR content that is Mac compatible, currently very few titles are Mac-ready. For the majority you will need a bootcamp windows partition. But i hope dual format VR binaries will take off so that we are not so inconvenienced.

Re: When is HTC vive going to be available for Mac.

Basically.. it already is.. Apple dosnt want you to know that.. because they dont have some kind of exclusive rights, making them tons of money. It’s called “Linux” and - for all intents and purposes, can be built as a “Mac” would, in every way. OS, hardware, software, the look and feel of “Apple/Safari” It’s just not 100% legal yet.. still called a “hackentosh” But yes, this works. Currently the only way to veiw content, listen to music,etc. without having to buy an iPhone, signup for iTunes, and slowley convert all your media into Apple’s version of that media.. meaning, you will likely have to stay with Apple. Btw, im not an Apple fan, might not be able to tell Smiley Tongue
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