What Games do you recommend


What Games do you recommend

just ordered my vive to come shortly and wondered if there was any fun games people could recommend? i am used to vr but never played a vive and want something really fun from either viveport or steam.
thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Re: What Games do you recommend

Hi @Miuna welcome to the club.
Heres a link on some games that work well as demo 

Make use of the Viveport Subscription service you can change you games monthly. 

Some free games to have are 
Rec Room, 
Google earth
The Lab, 

Paid ones
Keep defending
Dimension Hunters.

Also look out for my weekly posts of new releases and giveaways always nice to win games. 

Enjoy your vive

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Re: What Games do you recommend

@Miuna, Irrational Exuberance Prologue is fantastic for demos. Rec Room is pretty great, especially for a free app. For paid games I'd recommend Superhot, Elite Dangerous, Job Simulator / Rick and Morty VR, and perhaps Arizona Sunshine. 

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