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Vive trade-in

I understand that soon, the wireless and stand alone edition of Vive is coming out. Will it be possible to trade in my current model and get a discount on the wireless one?

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I would do a little research first.
No plans to release a Standalone Under the VIVE Branding. 
This is being made along with Google. 
dont expect room scale, high res,

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Re: Vive trade-in

     The standalone headset isn't designed as a direct replacement for the desktop version. It a device that will operate within the Daydream ecosystem which means there are different hardware and software challenges that developers face when compared to desktop VR. We have no plans (as far as I'm aware) to offer any trade-in program as the standalone headset is an entirely new class of product.


     In terms of desktop VR, there will be a number of aftermarket solutions that will enable you to add wireless capacity to the existing Vive HMD to enable high quality roomscale VR.

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