Vive on Mac OS

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Vive on Mac OS

Hey everyone, 


I am trying to see if i could use VIVE with a mac computer and wanted your input on this. If so what kind of software do i need to have pre installed and what are some of the requierment. Please need your help asap .

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Re: Vive on Mac OS

@F2garcia, the Vive is now supported on Mac but it's still a developing integration. The hardware is technically supported via an external GPU on most desktops/laptops made after mid-2015 with a thunderbolt 3 port and it works with the newest Mac Pro without the need for an EGPU. There are currently only a handful of mac native VR binaries - most experiences are windows only. Launching windows apps via bootcamp is hit and miss performance wise. These are still early days as the update to support eGPUs was pretty recent (10.13.4)

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Re: Vive on Mac OS

Hi David,

I just purchased a Vive because I saw where there's now support for it on Macs.

I have a late 2013 6 core Mac Pro with dual AMD 500 chips and have connected the Vive as per the instructions and attempted to use it via Steam VR. The problem I'm having is the games won't launch in the Vive. I only ever get the blank room with compass rose.

Im using the SteamVR route because I don't see a Mac version of the setup software or tutorials on the actual HTC site.

Is there another way I can use the Vive with my Mac Pro or do I just need to be patient and let the technology develope?


Kevin Whitcomb

Re: Vive on Mac OS

So an update...

Games that are marked VR only and OSX will open in the headset. I've played SweeperVR and Blobby Tennis with no problems.


The other games that I have that don't work are OSX games with VR support that are listed as OSX compatible:

InCell VR

InMind VR

Lunar Flight

War Thunder


When I launch any of those, I get an alert that the game will be launched in both VR and on my monitor and that performance may not be good. As I stated earlier though, they open on the monitor but not in my headset.