VR Experiment - Looking for testers | + Giveaway


VR Experiment - Looking for testers | + Giveaway

Hi all!

We are looking for testers to participate in our VR experiment!

We are also giving away 3x10€ steam gift cards as a little 'thank you' for your support Smiley Happy


You can get to the experiment here:
VR Study Instructions


Here is a little overview of the experiment:



About Us:
We are a group of Bachelor students from the University of Hamburg. This VR study is part of our HCI Bachelor project. The reason why we implemented the study as an online study is that we need a comparatively big sample size for the possibility that the data will show any effects, so we really appreciate the participation of every one of you! We will gladly answer your questions in the comment section Smiley Happy 





If you want to participate, please wait with reading the comments until after the experiment, to not distort the results. Thank you!


New Arrival

Re: VR Experiment - Looking for testers | + Giveaway

I would like to be a phone tester if available for USA residents? I presently evaluate and audit products, services and brick and mortar locations. Since I do a bunch of work on my phone I am sure to give it a workout.