Ready Player One... via HTC Vive


Ready Player One... via HTC Vive


Next summer, better ready up - Ready Player One is coming to the big screen and HTC Vive will be part of it.


(For those confused: Ready Player One is a book by Ernest Cline about a future world where VR is ever-present. And it's being made into a film by Steven Spielberg!)


As announced in this morning's press release, "Vive will be the exclusive VR partner for all content, online and offline activations" for Ready Player One, which is fancy speak for we'll be everywhere.


Does this mean I get to meet Steven Spielberg? Because if so, bonus.


What do you think? Did you read Ready Player One as a book? Looking forward to it as a movie, or even more as some sort of VR experience?

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Re: Ready Player One... via HTC Vive

Exciting times! I loved the book and was very much looking forward to the movie. And now this. Glad I chose the Vive. Smiley Happy Even more glad that is.


Re: Ready Player One... via HTC Vive

I got this book free in a lootcrate (yonks ago) and loved it.  it made me very excited when I decided to read up on it further and found an imdb page.  At the time there was little info and not even a full cast mentioned.  I followed this though over the year and not only that found out they were filming a lot of it not too far from me which was even better when getting an early glipse of the sets and actors in action.


I can't wait for the movie next year, just hoping Spielberg has done it justice and it pairs well with the images you get from reading the book.


Anyways if you aint read the book, but love syfi and vr, check out the trailer on imdb and add it to your 2018 watchlist!



on a side note, was a bit disapointed to be greated with an Occulus advert when playing the trailer on imdb...

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Re: Ready Player One... via HTC Vive

Read it a few years ago. Instantly became one of my favourite books. Think I'm a little biased as I grew up in the 80s.

Looking forwards to the movie AND how it will help take VR to the mainstream a little more.

Re: Ready Player One... via HTC Vive

PS - it looks like RP1's expected success under Speilberg has started a ball rolling...

Neuromancer now going into development: