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Hey everyone! I'll be your community guy.

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Hey everyone! I'll be your community guy.

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... well hello.


This, I am sorry to tell you, is indeed me.This, I am sorry to tell you, is indeed me.

I'm Stephen Reid. I'm your community guy this evening. Well this morning. Also tomorrow. And the next day! I'm intending to be here for a while, so this gag is already old.


I've been working in community for about 12 years, which is actually 120 years in real time, so I guess that counts as experience. I've been around, mostly in gaming, including stints at places like BioWare Austin, 2K, NCsoft and PlayStation, when the PS2 was 'pretty cool'.


I've been around long enough to remember when The Lawnmower Man was a cutting edge representation of virtual reality. Around about the same time, I was making foolish predictions about VR, like the crazy idea we'd all get addicted to an immersive fantasy RPG which would be indistinguishable from real life. Turns out that was World of Warcraft and it was a little early for VR, but you know, we'll get there.


Now, I'm proud to help bring this community online and I hope you'll join me and the rest of the Vive/Viveport team in our journey.


Cheers for now,



Stephen Reid
- Community Wrangler

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Re: Hey everyone! I'll be your community guy.

Hey Stephen

Any demo team or educational contacts for discounts in Toronto Canada?

We're doing some great things with architectural visualization and VR has got to be our next step.

The vive is our program vr of choice - we'd love to get a demo using our design software or get one for our school if at all possible.




Re: Hey everyone! I'll be your community guy.

Hi Stephen nice to meet you Smiley Happy although we have spoken before!


Can i ask i sent you a pm a while ago and awaiting a reply if you can.


Many Thanks!


Re: Hey everyone! I'll be your community guy.

how did i miss this post? 
now i have a picture of the famous @Rockjaw i will either build an avatar for vrchat or use it as a dart board cover. Lol only joking 
Glad you got our backs and look after us all in this Tiny community. 

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