Headphones cable question...


Headphones cable question...

So, I was thinking to get myself a good headphones to use with both PC and when using Vive. Those that I have on my PC are old, and in-ear sennheiser headphones that I'm using for Vive, while very good, always pop out of my ears. Especially when playing something active.

I did a research, and end up picking Sennheiser Game One as a potential candidate. However, I have one question that I couldn't find an answer for.

Those headhpones have two cables - 2x3.5 mm (PC/Mac) and 1x3.5 mm (Console). The console one is shorter (1m). And I want to know if it is compatible with Vive? Because I wouldn't want to use the other cable - it's 3.2 meters long.

In theory, it should work, because Vive has only one 3.5 mm jack anyway. But I need to know for sure, before spending money.


Re: Headphones cable question...

You would be able to use any 3.5mm Headset with the vive using the included 3.5mm jack that comes from the top.


the PC version of 2X 3.5 is for having seperate audio and chat channels, but the Vive only allows an audio chanel due to its built in microphone. 


You can use the headphones for audio yes. But you cannot use them for the mic, youd need a far different setup to accomplish that.

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