Best Vive games for VR cynics


Best Vive games for VR cynics

So I am a single father that saved up for many months to get the HTC VIVE. I am a big supporter of steam so the vive was the obvious choice to purchase. I am very pleased with it except for the lack of games that are supported by this 800 dollar piece of hardware. This is very disappointing, I need the communities help. Please give me suggestion as to what games I should purchase to make my experience worth while. I will list games that I was very interested in and games that I have purchased.



Robinson The Journey

Pro Fishing Chanllenge






Re: Best Vive games for VR cynics

Hi @orl0x.

Well I believe there is not exact answer to your question since everyone has his own opinion. 

My personal opinion though: 

The games you are interested in:

Robinson The Journey: 


Graphics looks amazing

Story looks interesting

I bet it would be very interesting game, but ...


I never played Oculus exclusive because they are not officialy supported (although playable with reVive hack). 

They still haven't add oculus touch support (let alone vive wands). Game like this playing with anything else than positional tracked controllers ... no way . 

Personal Verdict: Sure I would try to play a Oculus exclusive if it's compeling enough to me (to be worth playing it without official support).  But at this point, the cons really stops me from trying it out.


Pro Fishing Challenge:

I haven't tried it so I can't write a review. I was also thinking of tryin it out, but then I thought I live near by a sea and lakes, and I like fishing for real, so still I don't have the need for that kind of game. 


ARK:  Nothing to say about that one , I don't know what it is all about. 


The Games that I would recommend: 

Vanishing Realms:  It's pretty fun


IronWolf VR: it's a recently released game which looks amazing, and so far only positive reviews,  sounds a lot of fun playing the multiplayer mode, and has a challenging single player mode as well. I will definitely buy it.


Gallery: Call of the starseed - Awesome adventure ! 


The Price of freedom - it's a free first episode of (I hope a lot) episodic series, very interesting story , not so hard escape room kind of puzzles, and a bit of adventure mixed in, it's overall great experience. 


I think that  @se7en11  will be very helpful here as well Smiley Happy He knows a lot of games as well for some reason Smiley Happy


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Wow that was very helpful Thank You. Community is amazing so far. I will make sure to pick Vanishing Realms today and give it a  try, reviews for it are promising. 

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Sure mate. I check the community regular so I always try to help where and what I can with, so no worries there Smiley Happy  Enjoy your time and keep in mind there is a lot of content out there that is probably unknown to me as well . I don't own many VR titles, so when I find something interesting, except the reviews in steam I also use youtube to see if there is any video review for that game. But still, community is another way for different opinions and reviews Smiley Happy 


See you around and have fun ! 



I almost forgot... you should also check regulary the community here cause the guy that I mentioned in the previous post (Se7en11) is making a lot of giveaways here as well... so you know.

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Re: Best Vive games for VR cynics

Hey @orl0x, ARK is a great game, but I haven't played it in VR so can't comment on that implementation. I think you'd enjoy it though. Bear in mind it's really designed to be played multiplayer, and is also pretty taxing on most PCs (even in 2D mode!).


Another game with VR support that's traditionally been 2D based is Elite: Dangerous. That's a spaceflight sim, essentially. I'm a fan myself. Smiley Happy


Other good VR games - it does sort of depend on what you're into. If you're enjoying Onward, you might like Raw Data (shooter with robots) or Arizona Sunshine (shooter with zombies).


Climbey is a lot of fun, although does make some a bit motion sick.


I'd second the Vanishing Realms recommendation.


Final Approach is a fun 'playing with planes' experience, where you're landing planes like a giant air-traffic controller.


Adr1ft is also very cool - although you really do need to not have a problem with motion sickness. You're an astronaut trying to survive in a disintegrating space station.


Oh and I should probably plug our own Arcade Saga - three games in one, all of them guaranteed to work up a sweat, and now with multiplayer. Smiley Happy

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Re: Best Vive games for VR cynics

@Rockjaw@KingRangnarSo I purchased Vanishing realms last night,WOW just WOW great game takes advantage of all the tech the vive brings. Please feel free to contact me if you happen to purchase a game you guys really enjoy. This makes me feel so much better about my purchase!!!!!!


Re: Best Vive games for VR cynics

Hi orl0x, Welcome,

I typed you a nice, verbose reply and lost it, so this will be quicker:

0 - I had to come back and insert Google Earth VR. This is simply cool as sh_t.

1 - If you like music, go get Audioshield right away.

2 - I liked The Lab. All the games in there were fun. I like shooting the bow & arrow.

3 - I did not like HoverJunkers even though it was highly touted. Maybe I missed the "wave" of popularity.

4 - I liked Time Machine VR. It is low key, relaxing, literally and figuratively immersive, and gave me a few hours fun.

5 - Make sure you check Vive because a lot of their stuff is free and really neat. It's the kind of thing that I wouldn't pay money for, but for free it's awsome. There's about a 60 second roller coaster ride that fits that desription. Also Apollo 11. IBM Speech Sandbox.

6 - VR Funhouse has fun carnival style shooting.

7 - There's one where you're in a virtual science museum in a dome and you can switch between about 6 exhibits that are and you can fly around the dome. I think this one was a freebie.




p.s. Forgot to say "Onward" was also recommended to me.