Viveport ArcadeSession error 2001


Viveport ArcadeSession error 2001

I'm working on a game for release on Viveport arcade using UE4.18.2 and the latest Viveport SDK.


DRM API calls appear to work fine.


When I call IsReady for the arcade session I get the error below

"IsReady failure. Code = 20001, message = Functions are not supported"


This also occurs when using the demo component code provided in the SDK.


I'm not really sure of the benefit of using the Arcade sessions. I notice that there is a checkbox when configuring your app so I assume you can publish to the arcade without including this functionality. I would be happy to include it if anyone can give me some pointers.



Vive Staff

Re: Viveport ArcadeSession error 2001

Hi Jackson: 

Please check:

1. You have installed the Vive application from 

2.  In your downloaded SDK package,  a tool named "ViveportSwitch.exe" ,  double click it and select " Viveport Arcade" then click "Switch"

3. Login the Viveport again. 

4. Try your sample code. 


Re: Viveport ArcadeSession error 2001

Thank you, that is working fine now Smiley Happy

I had missed the ViveportSwitch.exe to enter the Arcade Mode.