One app, multiple HMDs?

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One app, multiple HMDs?

Is there a way to get tracking from, and send rendered frames to more than one HMD from a single app? If so, how can this be achieved?


Note: I know that VR taxes the graphics card, but I want to create an app that displays only very simple 3d models, however, it's important that two spectators have the exact same reference frame and see the objects in the exact same location


Re: One app, multiple HMDs?

try using trinus VR software 

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Re: One app, multiple HMDs?


In the end, it depends on how the developer implemented the SDKs used to track and integrate the HMD. Things like Trinus act as middleware so their performance and compatibility will be case-by-case. Unreal Games will be more flexible, Unity based apps will be more flexible with middleware and workarounds. 

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