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Capture output of Link Box

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Capture output of Link Box

i want to capture output of HTC Vive Link Box but i do not know about HTC Vive.
As i know, to display data from PC to HMD, i must connect HTC vive:
[PC] ---> [HTC Vive Link Box] ---> [HMD]

But now, i need to capture data output from [HTC Vive Link Box] and do processing before displaying it with HMD.

(stream 1) : [PC1] ---> [HTC Vive Link Box 1] --> [Output1]

(stream 2) : [PC2] ---> [HTC Vive Link Box 2] --> [Output2]

PC3 will receive output of Link Box 1 and 2 to do processing:

[Output1] + [Output2] ----> [PC3] ----> [Do image processing on Output1 and Output2] ------> [HMD]

So i want to know:
1. Can i capture output data of HTC Vive Link Box? if yes, what is format of output of HTC Vive Link Box?
2. Have other way to capture Output of Link Box? for example: Just use HTC Vive SDK.

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