Can you develop with a consumer vive?

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Can you develop with a consumer vive?

I've been searching for a bit online and haven't found a clear anwser yet. I've been getting more comfortable with unity and have a science fantasy puzzle game I would like to develop in VR(I personally think being able to interact with the pieces in VR would make for a better experience).

I don't know if it would be possible to get a developer kit since I'm not an actual studio, but if it's possible to use a consumer headset that would work. Would there be any differences I would have to account for when using a consumer headset during creation?

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.


Re: Can you develop with a consumer vive?

The current Vive Dev Kits and the consumer Vives are the exact same. So yes the you can use a consumer Vive to devlop on. Hence there are no differences that need to be accounted for.

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Re: Can you develop with a consumer vive?

Yes, you're 100% free to develop on the consumer Vive - all you need is an HMD and the SteamVR compatible engine of your choice. 

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