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WIP - CAD VR Demo in UE4


WIP - CAD VR Demo in UE4

Hi all,


Here is a WIP of CAD data inside UE4 using the Vive to interact with the simulation itself.


The video shows a continuous kinematic simulation of an assembly line ( Micropumps ), where the VR menu allows for the increase/descrease of the RPM ( speed ), while the second example shows a simulation of a vision system, where the products are separated based on their colour.


There is still room for improvement ( draw calls, look, better sync with RPM ), but overall the prototyping with the Vive and UE4 is quite fast and easy to do.


By end of August / Mid September I'll release a playable demo for you to test, to get some feedback from the users.


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Re: WIP - CAD VR Demo in UE4


- David R

Technical Specialist; San Francisco, CA


Re: WIP - CAD VR Demo in UE4


I'll be updating this post with some other projects I'm working on, and later this month I'll upload the project for the user to test.