Vive Tracker Trigger Axis

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Vive Tracker Trigger Axis

Is there a way to use the POGO trigger pin as an axis pin like the full Vive cintroller?  I am using these in Unreal Engine and, using the Trigger Axis Event, the pin fires the event but I am limited to 0's and 1's.  Is there a way to vary the voltage in order to get values between 0 and 1?

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Re: Vive Tracker Trigger Axis

     Hi @Jasa,

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     The current developer version of the tracker uses internally integrated pull-up resistors on pins 2-6. That means the data on that pin will only output known states (high and low -> 1's and 0's).  I'm not aware if this will remain true on the consumer version but can imagine it remaining contestant.

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