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Vive Tracker Role Changer (current version: 0.8)

Vive Staff
Vive Staff

Vive Tracker Role Changer (current version: 0.8)

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VIVE Tracker Role Changer v0.8


This tool is for changing the role of the tracker to read in SteamVR as a controller. This is only required for applications that doesn't yet recognize the device correctly, e.g. mixed reality.



  1. Unplug the Vive from the computer.
  2. Plug in the Tracker via USB cable.
  3. Run tool and follow the prompts.
  4. Tool will report what the tracker is currently reporting itself as and give you the option to switch it's role reporting.
  5. On completion, unplug the tracker and restart SteamVR. Reconnect everything.


Note: While your tracker is reporting itself as a controller, while it shouldn't ask you to update, if it does, do not update the firmware until it's reporting itself as a tracker again.


Hopefully I didn't miss anything with the tool. Let us know how it works. Also, if you guys need this tool for another issue outside of the MR issue that we're aware of, please let us know.

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Re: Vive Tracker Role Changer (current version: 0.8)

For saving tracker and controller bindings in your Unity code please take a look at the Role Binding example from the Vive Input Utility plugin available the asset store:!/content/64219