Vive Tracker Airsoft Gun Recoil (floating issues)

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Re: Vive Tracker Airsoft Gun Recoil (floating issues)

@PramodPatel we are experiencing a very similar issue. We have attached a tracker to a pole which is being tracked in VR for a mining safety simulation built in Unity. The pole is used to "dislodge" loose rocks and it undergoes quite a lot of shock as it is hit on the walls and roof of a custom container we have built. Obviously, the pole flying away is disconcerting in this context.


We are exploring dampening the vibration/shock with absorbers used on drones, however, I am very interested in whether you found a way to resolve this (hardware/software)? Is there any benefit added through using the new SteamVR 2.0 base stations and Vive Tracker 2018?

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Re: Vive Tracker Airsoft Gun Recoil (floating issues)

@darcohen, the tracker 2018 firmware does not currently support the low pass filter option that's supported on the most recent firmware version of the first generation tracker so at this time tracker 18' may actually be more susceptible to the types of shock your exposing as you don't have an LPS option to help clean the data. 

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