Vive Pro Tracking Lost with HoloLens looking at it

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Vive Pro Tracking Lost with HoloLens looking at it




I work for a research center combining AR and VR. We have developed a network application where content is shared between someone in VR wearing HTC Vive and another person in AR wearing Microsoft HoloLens.



We have upgraded the Vive to the Vive Pro. Whenever the HoloLens looks straight at the Vive Pro, the later loses tracking right away until HoloLens looks away. The HoloLens can look at the front of the heaset or at the back of it, it does not matter. Tracking is persistently lost. Since HoloLens as a IR emitter, I believe this messes up with the IR emitted by the two base stations and the Vive Pro is confused. BUT, this has never been an issue with the first generation of Vive. It only happens with the new Vive Pro.



Any useful thought about this? Can a driver update fix the issue anytime soon?


As I understand it from our tests, IR emissions have not changed at all and we are in a closed from Sun light environment. The Vive Pro sensors are obviously handling IR in a different fashion than the Vive sensors though.