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Looking For Low Level Solution For Setting Vive Tracker To 0xB3


Looking For Low Level Solution For Setting Vive Tracker To 0xB3

Is it possible to set 0xB3 through tracked device config.json?


I am trying to set vive tracker to hmd device class so that it can be connected to any head mounted display by usb and be used for head tracking.   For now this is all that i want too achieve. i.e. use Vive tracker as head tracker as it is foundation of the projects that i would like to do with vive tracker.


A Valve developer recently indicated that it is more than possible to use vive tracker for hmd if display and optic configuration data for hmd is added to the current tracked device config along with a bit of other tweaking of its config.json. 


The SteamVR Tracking HDK documentation explains in great detail how config files are made for steamvr tarcked devices. SteamVR runtime has native tools for downloading and uploading tracked device config json.


Is it possible to set Vive Tracker to 0xB3 so that tracking data is sent through usb at a lower level than using DE tools ?


and the official developer documentation go some way to explain what is involved but i would like to see a more firmware related solution provided for setting vive tracker to 0xB3 as well as hmd device class.


How to set 0xB3 by editing vive tracker config.json?



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