Fright Fest! Save on spooky titles on Viveport

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Fright Fest! Save on spooky titles on Viveport




Hey everyone - you can save some money and scare yourself silly in VR this weekend with our Fright Fest on Viveport.


These titles are all on sale through Tuesday, November 1st:


A Chair in a Room: Greenwater, by Wolf & Wood Interactive – 25% Discount

Daylight’s End VR Edition, by Groove Jones - 80% Discount


Emily Wants to Play, by SKH Apps – 80% Discount


The Night The Carsons Disappeared, by NostalgicBear VR – 50% Discount


Horror Experiences - Invisible & The Game, in Jaunt VR, by Jaunt – Free


Let us know what you think about any of these experiences (and don't forget to leave them a review!) if you give them a try. Just don't complain to me you get scared. Smiley Happy

Stephen 'Rockjaw' Reid
- Editor in Chief, Viveport

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